ANI - We build the bridge between blockchain and real business. Affordable than ever.

No more expensive developer teams. ANI's solution is a set of unique multichain tools that dramatically reduce the cost of blockchain development and integration.

ANIF - utility token for ANI ecosystem.

Private sale starts in...
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Before a crowd sale, our team decided to open a private sale round for strategic investors

Who are strategic investors? By investing a minimum of $1000, a person becomes a strategic investor.
  • Strategic investors will get a +25% bonus from the team
  • Strategic investors get access to the private chat with ANI team members
  • Strategic investors will vote for critical decisions within the project roadmap
IMPORTANT: Those who sign up until 05/31/2022 will get the priority in the line. Subscribe now and become one of the lucky few.

How ANI blockchain solution can help businesses to thrive

App development
  • Cross-platform multichain framework
  • Fraction of a cent per transaction
  • Web 3.0 technologies for a metaverse economy
  • Go paperless and speed up trading operations
  • Almost instant digital sing-off
  • No more discrepancies in the financial statements
  • Secure and traceable cross-country payments
  • 100% transparent booking services
  • Borderless loyalty programs
  • Strongest internal controls possible
  • Easy-to-scale fraud prevention
  • No alteration of vendor documents
Game development
  • Cross-platform applications
  • In-game NFT and token creation
  • Easier than ever play-to-earn model
Intellectual property
  • Transparent IP registry
  • Proof of ownership
  • Simple and affordable copywriting

ANI is a set of unique multichain tools that combine the security and reliability of blockchain with the speed and simplicity of centralized solutions


ANI makes transaction cost affordable

Proper distribution of calculations within ANI will reduce volatile cryptocurrency fees


ANI optimizes decentralized systems

ANI uses centralized services for making reversal computing layers to optimize data and instructions for the chain


ANI means business process automation

Deriving the business processes of large structures significantly saves organizational resources and requires minimum maintenance


ANI guarantees high speed of service delivery

ANI platform’s advanced technology enables the systems scaling for both small businesses and large corporations

Our mission is to help businesses all over the world to overcome the obstacles on their road to success

Increased reliability
Speed boost
Improved user experience

True benefits of Web 3.0 within blockchain An integrated all-in-one multi-chain meta-network. Everything you possibly need for a multifunctional future.

  • Fast, efficient, and scalable databases: An innovative approach to securing data storage.
  • Modular and scalable P2P solutions: Solutions based on flexible and scalable infrastructure.
  • Scalable transactions: Ability to maintain the endless flow of transactions.
  • Flexible custom libraries: All infrastructure components with a wide range of customization options.

Safer new multichain without early-stage distribution issues

  • ANI provides the basis for launching DeFi projects and dApps thanks to the activity of an already operating network
  • АNI solves problems and fixes imperfections of old blockchains like high clutter and low-performance
  • ANI provides high-speed transaction processing and performance through replicating network and multithreaded multichain - no more high maintenance and transaction costs of DeFi
  • ANI reduces entry barriers for the dApps development without sacrificing system security
  • ANI stands by the motto: ‘Technology should be tailored to Human needs’


  • Symbol: ANIF
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token supply: 100 000 000
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 62.250.000
  • Function: holders are meant to influence the future of ANI platform by signaling their support for upgrades to the ecosystem and acquiring rewards on holding
    Ecosystem rewards
  • 69% of supply will be used to provide incentives to nodes
  • Rewards for nodes will be 100.000 per day (~5.22% per year of Ecosystem pool)
  • 19 years and 1.5 month for release all tokens of Ecosystem pool
  • Network: Polkadot
  • Framework: Substrate


ANI platform brings years of relevant experience to the table: professional developers, analysts, and security experts gathered to solve the latest blockchain infrastructure problems. We brought onboard experts from various industries and got the best of two worlds


Platform vision finalized


Preparation of ANI documentation for community

Public tokensale launch


ANI blockchain core platform development. Community documentation for core platform.


Closed alpha testing of core infrastructure solutions.


Bridge solution development with Binance Smart Chain & Polkadot.


Research & Development of ANI infrastructure modules for international financial trading. Community documentation for FI.


Development of the main integration libraries for small and medium business in the EU (document flow, logistics, vendor management).


Open alpha testing: ANI.core, main integrations, infrastructure solutions and open environment for developers.


Research & Development, integration libraries customization for American and Asian markets.


ANI modules development for Financial, Game Development, Retail, Production and Travel industries. ANI.core improvements. Community documentation updates.